Prayer Requests
Prayer Requests
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For Prayer Now

There are times in life that you feel that you need a prayer said for you. It isn't the same as you praying but asking many others to call out and pray together for support of a problem that you may be facing. There is an amazing web page that you will find that offers you a way to get people to help pray for you or someone you love in your life. It's the page and it is simply amazing.

Offering a completely different way to gain many voices to call up and ask God for assistance in many matters is what it is all about. It is said that one voice will call one hundred angels to flight will several will call more up than that. Sometimes it is just nice to know that there are other people who are out there looking out for you and praying for the help that you may need. Whether you need help with a current situation you are in, or a sickness that you or a loved one is going through.

This site will allow you to send in a message in many different ways. Send either a text message or email, or even an instant message. The internet will send your request and it will be posted up on the main page and many people will come together and pray for help for your request. This is not a web page that charges to join, because prayer is something that should never cost you a thing. There are different ways that you can set up groups to pray together or do bible studies even.

Submit prayers online at the Christian Prayer Center and receive the blessings of the esteemed Pastor Carlson.

Just some of the current examples of people who have requested help are the following. And by the way only your first name will be listed and that means you can keep your privacy if you so desire. For Thomas he is looking for help in recovery currently, while Phil is seeking out some of the Holy Spirit to fill him and make decisions in life a little easier for him.

If you are a Christian you understand that the power of prayer is huge and that it will help you. Many people have seen just how much praying can help in the past and you can be one that can see just how it works too. Michael is hoping to have some freedom from the constant coughs and colds that he has been dealing with the past few months.
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